Missing Mel (2008)

Musical Theatre @ George Square, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 - 11:30am to Saturday, 16 August 2008 - 11:30pm

Creative team:

Book - Kath Burlinson
Music and Lyrics - Conor Mitchel
Director - Pete Gallagher
Assistant Director - Michael Holdsworth
Assistant Musical Director - David Keefe
Designer - Mercedes Said
Choreographer - Tony Mills



This extraordinary new show charts the impact on a group of teenagers returning to school to find that the unexpected has happened. Mel's gone. What's happened? Where is she? And when can we have our phones back? This was the third production of this high-energy, thought-provoking school musical, presented by the award-winning Youth Music Theatre UK.

Following an acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005, Missing Mel transferred the Greenwood Theatre, London in August 2006, then back to Edinburgh in August 2008, and finally to London's Cochrane Theatre in October 2008 following in the footsteps of our recent production of Frankenstein.

Cast information

Rachael Anderson
Jordan Bain
Emma Bateman
Laura Cassells
Katy Chambers
Rachel Coll
Adam Cooper
Jasmine Day
Thomas Drayton
Roly Harrad
Kay Heenan
Daniel Herman
Amy Hotchin
Joe Hunt (Band)
David Keefe
Ashley Mackintosh
Kenneth Macleod
Finlay McRae
Bethan McCann
Conor McFarlane
Kayleigh McKnight
Raheem Mir
Lauren Osborn
Laura Rose
Helen Russell
Keshia Russell
Miles Sloman
Hayley Smith
Oliver Smith
Bronte Tadman
Bobbi-Lee Taylor
David Thomas
Corey Trevor
Rebecca Turner
Ben Turner
Caldy Walton
Darren Whyte
Jamie Andrew Wilson 

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