The Girl in the Ashes (2006)

Theatre and Film Centre @ Queen's, Belfast
Sunday, 6 August 2006 - 7:00pm

Creative team:

Director- Gerry Flanagan
Musical Director - Annemarie Lewis Thomas
Assistant Director - Sheena Kelly


The Girl in the Ashes will create a new piece of music theatre based on Cinderella themes created in a modern setting and using the skills and techniques of clowning, comedia del arte and puppetry. Some of the material will be drawn from the 2005 production of The Open Door .

Cast information

Jaygann Ayeh
Amy Blackshaw
Marie-Claire Campbell
Jacob Chapman-Short
Harry Culverhouse
Adam D'Souza
Grace Durham
Rebecca Farmer
Michael Holdsworth
Joanna Hyndman
Helen Kelly
Nicky Kill
Ruaidhri Maguire
Dave Marken
Naomi Martin
Nuala McGowan
Niamh McGowan
Sarah McVeigh
Nicola Meese
Steven Miller
Florence Morgan-Richard
Alice Needham
Daniel Parsons
Hattie Prust
Hannah Reid
Bradley Richardson
Elizabeth Rowe
Callum Simpson
Rachel Singer

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