Past shows

Dates and Venues
FAGIN 2015 - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT - Youth Theatre


13 Aug 2015 to 15 Aug 2015, Berkshire: South Hill Park Arts Centre

Delve into the murky depths of Victorian London and discover the truth about one of literature's greatest villains. FAGIN is a bold new musical shedding light on some of Dickens' most famous characters including the likes of Bill Sikes, Nancy and Fagin's first love Leeba. Join us on this epic...

Youth Music Theatre UK - Not the End of the World 2015 - YMT - Youth Theatre

Not the End of the World

07 Aug 2015 to 16 Aug 2015, Edinburgh Festival Fringe: New Town Theatre

What happened to the women and children aboard Noah's Ark? A frighteningly zealous and single-minded Noah battles apocalyptic elements as we follow the story of the Flood through the eyes of his forgotten daughter. Obstacles litter our protagonist’s waterlogged path: stowaways, conflicts and the...

Sweat Factory - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT - Youth Theatre

Sweat Factory

31 Jul 2015 to 01 Aug 2015, London: Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells

Sweat Factory: an unacceptable, difficult or dangerous working environment... YMT is proud to present this mesmerising contemporary dance opera at London's premier dance venue, Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells, with music from renowned composer Garth McConaghie, choreography from Rachel Birch-...

Gulliver's Travels - Youth Music Theatre UK - Duke Special - YMT - Youth Theatre

Gulliver's Travels

30 Jul 2015 to 01 Aug 2015, Belfast: Lyric Theatre

Gulliver’s Travels returns to Northern Ireland this summer - its place of inspiration - in a spectacular musical adaptation from the creative team behind the West End’s Once The Musical and platinum-selling singer songwriter Duke Special. Voyage through unknown lands with mythical creatures and...

Youth Music Theatre UK - The Coorie Cave 2015 - YMT - Youth Theatre

The Coorie Cave

30 Jul 2015 to 31 Jul 2015, Aberdeen: Arts Centre & Theatre

The Coorie Cave... OR... How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse And Come Out Singing Malcolm Madison met his match at Summer Camp. His rival - the tenacious Tamara Bichon - really let him have it at the closing conference as she tore through the holes in all his Model policies;...

Youth Music Theatre UK - YMTO Concert - Kerry Ellis Stephen Rahman-Hughes - YMT - Youth Theatre

Youth Music Theatre Orchestra - Inaugural Concert

12 Jul 2015, London: Lyric Hammersmith

Youth Music Theatre Orchestra Inaugural Concert - with Kerry Ellis and Stephen Rahman-Hughes The YMTO is a unique ensemble of talented musicians aged 11-21 from across west London. This concert is the culmination of a 6-month course where the orchestra will play a host of well-known and original...

Youth Music Theatre UK - Let it Snow! 2014 - Youth Theatre

Let it Snow! (2014)

22 Dec 2014, London: Regent Hall, Oxford Street

Let it Snow! is now unavailable to buy online as we are nearly sold out. There will be an extremely limited number of tickets on the day. Our annual festive concert, Let it Snow! returns this year on Monday 22 December! Join us for a thrilling evening of new music theatre where our talented...

YMT Summer Season - Not the End of the World 2014

Not the End of the World (2014)

29 Aug 2014 to 30 Aug 2014

In Geraldine McCaughrean’s award-winning tale a frighteningly zealous and single-minded Noah, battles against the apocalyptic elements. Obstacles litter our protagonist’s waterlogged path: stowaways, conflicts and his cramped animal cargo continuing to act as animals do, whatever their surroundings...

YMT Summer Season - Terry Pratchett's Soul Music 2014

Terry Pratchett's Soul Music (2014)

28 Aug 2014 to 31 Aug 2014

A new, dangerously addictive music has entered Discworld! Performer Imp Y Celyn (translated as ‘bud of the holly’) finds himself the unwitting poster boy for this intoxicating trend. We follow Imp and his eclectic ensemble of wannabe rock stars through their chaotic musical career, as they attempt...

YMT Summer Season - The Making of Ali & Nino 2014

The Making of Ali & Nino (2014)

23 Aug 2014 to 24 Aug 2014

Launching a major international collaboration, YMT will be starting the development of a stage version of the international bestselling book Ali & Nino, one of the world’s few ‘foundling’ novels whose authorship is still disputed. Notwithstanding,  the story remains a testament to the strength...