Past shows

Dates and Venues
The Great Gatsby - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT - South Hill Park Arts Centre

The Great Gatsby

12 Aug 2016 to 14 Aug 2016, Berkshire: South Hill Park Arts Centre

Welcome to West Egg, Long Island... where excess is essential. When Yale graduate Nick Carraway moves to New York, he finds himself caught up in the extravagant lifestyle of mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. Things are not quite as they seem as hidden pasts are soon revealed in this scathing...

Fight Like a Girl - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT 2016

Fight Like A Girl

12 Aug 2016 to 13 Aug 2016, Farsley: Sunny Bank Mills

Fight Like A Girl is a bold new musical set against the backdrop of the remarkable rise of women’s boxing. Drawing upon real-life accounts from young female boxers, this gritty contemporary drama challenges long-held gender stereotypes and questions identity in the 21st century. See the dynamic...

Trojan Women - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT

Trojan Women

12 Aug 2016 to 13 Aug 2016, Plymouth: Barbican Theatre

Loosely inspired by Euripides' Greek tragedy about the fallout of war, Trojan Women explores the nature of conflict in this challenging all-female musical. This dark new piece analyses the role of women in conflict, be it from the perspective of soldiers, politicians, victims, terrorists, freedom...

MAELSTROM Legends of the Underworld - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT

MAELSTRØM - Legends of the Underworld

03 Aug 2016 to 04 Aug 2016, Aberdeen: The Lemon Tree

MAELSTRØM: a powerful, violent body of swirling water produced by opposing currents... Descend into the dark mystical world at the heart of the MAELSTRØM - Legends of the Underworld. When an independent documentary team throw a mannequin (affectionately called 'the Hag’) dressed in a life jacket,...

The Frenzy of Sweeney  (Buile Shuibhne) - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT 2016

The Frenzy of Sweeney (Buile Shuibhne)

29 Jul 2016 to 31 Jul 2016, Belfast: Lyric Theatre

After last year's sell-out production of Gulliver's Travels, YMT returns to the Lyric Theatre Belfast with the extraordinary history of one of Ireland’s most famous warrior kings. A vivid musical adventure, Mad Sweeney undergoes a series of purgatorial adventures after he is cursed by a saint and...

YMT Let it Snow! 2015 - Youth Music Theatre UK - Youth Theatre

Let it Snow! (2015)

19 Dec 2015, London: Regent Hall, Oxford Street

Our annual festive concert, Let it Snow! returns this year on Saturday 19 December! Join us for a thrilling evening of new music theatre where our talented company of young people will be performing an exciting medley of extracts from our 2015 season. TICKETS ARE NO LONGER ON SALE VIA THE WEBSITE....

Youth Music Theatre UK - The Bachelor Girls 2015 - YMT - Youth Theatre

The Bachelor Girls

28 Aug 2015 to 29 Aug 2015, Plymouth: Barbican Theatre

A new musical from S&S Award finalists Caroline Wigmore and Jen Green London 1919: a group of teenage girls are forced to rethink their future after the calamity of World War I. There are almost two million more women than men in Britain and our protagonists must now forge their way in a...

Youth Music Theatre UK - Macbeth 2015 - YMT - Youth Theatre


19 Aug 2015 to 30 Aug 2015, Edinburgh Festival Fringe: New Town Theatre

It will have blood they say. Blood will have blood. After the success of last year's production at Lyric Theatre Belfast, YMT is showcasing Shakespeare's haunting tale at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! It will have blood, they say. Blood will have blood. Witness urban electronica fused with...

Dirty Stop Outs - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT - Youth Theatre

Dirty Stop Outs

15 Aug 2015 to 16 Aug 2015, Halifax: Square Chapel

What did your grandparents really get up to when they were your age? Most teenagers can't really imagine their grandparents being young - and why would they want to? Dirty Stop Outs is a special trip down memory lane to discover what 50s and 60s Britain was truly like. This exciting piece of...

Youth Music Theatre UK - The Midnight Flower Press 2015 - YMT - Youth Theatre

The Midnight Flower Press

14 Aug 2015 to 15 Aug 2015, Plymouth: Barbican Theatre

Join the fight for freedom, but trust no-one... Enter a dark, dangerous world where knowing your place is the most important thing. The Midnight Flower Press follows the journey of a heroic group of young people who use a secret printing press to fight against the injustice around them during the...