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Apply now for Youth Music Theatre UK's National Auditons 2019 - booking is open! We are visiting 23 cities this coming January & February. 

Download the FLYER and POSTER and check out our trailer below!

Youth Music Theatre UK - Auditions 2019

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What are you auditioning for?

You are auditioning to join the YMT Company and take part in YMT's 2019 Summer Season of New Music Theatre. Titles of all the productions and where they will be performed will starting appearing on the Shows page from late October 2018. By January, when auditions start, all the productions will be up there. Each production consists of a two or three week residential course where you'll work with a professional artistic team to create a brand new piece of music theatre that will be performed in a professional theatre at the end of the project. YMT is unique in creating only brand new shows. You could be part of something incredible and star in one of eight new shows taking place across the UK. To see some of our productions go to our YouTube site for all the action in one place. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for ANYONE aged 11-21 who loves theatre! We are looking for people with guts, determination, integrity, ambition, energy, authenticity, generosity and a willingness to give it everything! Many of you will have already played leading roles at school, college or university, have trained at Centres for Advanced Training (CATS) or do lots of classes locally and have lots of experience BUT you don't need to have any prior experience whatsoever - we are looking for potential!

How are the productions cast?

Selection is not based on where you live, so you could be put onto a project anywhere in the UK! YMT projects are residential courses - so you'll be staying in university/boarding school-style accommodation away from your family. This gives you the unique opportunity to meet like-minded people, develop your skills and build confidence all whilst eating, sleeping and breathing theatre!

The detailed casting information for each of our productions will be uploaded on Shows page in due course. 

What will happen in the audition?

Your audition is a 3½ hour group workshop led by professional theatre practitioners. They will be looking to gauge how well you dance, sing, act and work as a team.

When you arrive you will meet the creative team, and they will talk you through what to expect.

  • You will play a few mad games to get to know each other and the staff
  • You will take part in a group dance and have the chance to show the team some improvised movement.
  • Your group will learn a song together
  • You will be asked to sing either the song you just learned or one you have prepared from the prescribed list
  • We will look at your acting skills through a performance of a short monologue which ideally you will have chosen and prepared in advanced.

Do I need to prepare anything?

Not too much! Once you have booked onto a YMT Audition for 2019 we would like you to prepare the following:

  • A short monologue of your choice (no more than 90 seconds in length)
  • You may wish to prepare a song to sing (from the prescribed list) instead of the one you will learn during the workshop

For more information on what to prepare, please CLICK HERE. If you have not been able to prepare anything, DO NOT WORRY, just come along and join in, we will have plenty of material in the room. Every year plenty of people are successful at auditions who just turned up on the day.

What happens when you arrive at an audition?

When you arrive, a YMT team member will be there to register you (and help you get rid of any nerves!). Parents/carers are not allowed in the audition room but are welcome to wait outside the audition area. There will always be a member of staff around before, during and after the audition to answer any questions you may have.

We are currently looking for “Audition Volunteers” to help at auditions. Any parents/carers interested in volunteering should check out further details here.

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What should I bring?

You will need to wear loose comfortable clothing (NOT JEANS), trainers or jazz shoes and bring a bottle of water. You will also need to fill in our AUDITION REGISTRATION FORM and bring it with you with two colour passport sized photos attached (does not need to be passport photos). 

What happens after the audition?

Everyone will be given a mark for acting, singing and dancing based on the practitioners notes, which are made during your audition. After your audition are over in late February the creative team meet for a casting session to match the most suitable performers to the skills required for a range of different shows. Their feedback will then go back to the YMT office team who will prepare offer packs and letters to go out to everyone in early March. Please bear with us during this time and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

You may be successful and receive an offer to join the YMT Company or you may not make it onto a show this time. Please don't be disheartened if you don't receive an offer, there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved with YMT, especially through YMT's Summer Camp Courses for 11-17 year olds or our new Boot Camps for 17-21 year olds.We also aim to provide specific feedback and advice from your audition so you know where you can improve - this is available throughout April - May.

How much is the audition?

There is a non-refundable booking fee of £38 for YMT Performer Auditions unless you are in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) in which case the fee is just £5 (see below). Paying for auditions is standard industry practice and as a not-for-profit educational charity, the money that YMT receives covers the cost of staffing and venue hire. Unlike many auditions for Performing Arts colleges, which can cost £50.00 for a 10-minute audition, YMT's Auditions are three and a half hours long giving all auditionees the chance to really show their talent! YMT auditions are non-refundable however, we are happy to move an audition to a more suitable date/location where spaces are available. Please note that moving an audition more than once incurs a £10 administration fee.

Discounts are available for the following:

  • GROUP BOOKINGS - Teachers making school bookings of 5 or more students can claim a 50% discount - please get in touch with the office for details - 020 8563 7725.
  • FREE SCHOOL MEALS (FSM) BOOKINGS - YMT is pleased to be able to offer a special audition rate of £5 to those in receipt of free school meals. This offer can be claimed by using promotion code FSM-19 when booking online or booking over the phone 020 8563 7725, The participant will need to bring proof of their receipt of free school meals/pupil premium to their audition.
  • SCHOOL HOST AUDITION DAYS – Schools can host an audition in half-term and save money for their students. If you have a minimum of 50 students wanting to audition for £20 each, please get in touch with the office to register your interest - 020 8563 7725. Then our creative staff will be brought to your school for the day. 

Is there a course fee?

If you are successfully placed on a production, there is a course fee. However, we run a comprehensive bursary scheme based on household income and offer help on ways to raise money. Many schools will contribute and families often receive support from local trusts, foundations and Rotary/Lions clubs.

We try and ensure that no-one who really wants to take part is barred by lack of fundds. You are not required to pay the course fee in one lump sum, instead we create a flexible payment plan via direct debit.

The course fee covers all-inclusive accommodation for the whole duration, tuition from leading industry professionals, 24-hour full pastoral care, theatre hire, sets, props, costumes, sound design and technical staff. 

The course fee varies depending on the length of the course and whether you're a performer or a musician. For 2018 our courses for performers started at £1,550 going up to £1,950 and our courses for musicians start at £750 go up to £1,300. YMT is a not-for-profit educational charity and so our primary source of income comes from course fees.

Terms and Conditions.


Youth Music Theatre UK wish to make their courses as accessible as possible and offer bursaries of over £65k each year. If your family’s gross household income is £40,000 per year or under, you will be eligible to apply for a bursary towards your course fee for the summer productions.

More information about the bursary scheme can be found here.

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Lots of luck at your audition from all the team at YMT!

If you have any questions about YMT Auditions, please contact the YMT team by email: mail@ymtuk.org or call: 020 8563 7725

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