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Sean runs the Marathon... Blog 4



I can't believe there are only two days to go until the big day! It only seems like yesterday that I was squeezing into my running tights (base layers? Whatever they're called...) and hobbling around Clapham Common. 

I went to register at the ExCel centre earlier and got my goody bag (yay) and there were hundreds of people all cheery and excited, which was nice to see. I've got one little run tomorrow and then that's it! I'll be joining over 30,000 other fools to run 26.2 miles of London (probably in the rain too...).

A monumental thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we've managed to raise over £1,000 and contributions are still rolling in. Keep 'em comin'! YOU CAN DONATE HERE.

You can also track me on the day (bit stalkerish, but hey) by downloading the App! My number is 52375! We'll also be live tweeting on the day, so make sure you're following us on @ymtuk! 

Sean runs the marathon Youth Music Theatre UK YMT - YMT Blog

My number! 

Thanks again to everyone! Anything you can spare really is amazing and goes a long way to helping young people in the arts. DONATE NOW! http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiser...

Adam Cooper - YMT Alumni - YMT Blog - Youth Music Theatre UK

An interview with Adam Cooper


We chat to Urdang graduate and YMTer Adam Cooper about his time in the YMT Company!

My YMT experience has been extraordinary. I’ve done three projects: Missing Mel (2008) at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then London, Chosen Room (2009) and Song For Eurydice (2010), all of which were completely different and gave me totally different experiences. After that I went on to being an Assistant for Mort and then a choreographer for a Summer Skills Course!

Adam Cooper - Song for Eurydice - YMT Alumni - Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT Blog
Adam in Song for Eurydice (2010)

Do you still keep in contact with any YMTers?

Yes I do! A lot of people have continued on into the industry and it’s so good seeing so many talented people being successful in this field and knowing that they are all genuinely lovely people too. YMT friends really stick with you after that intense two-week experience.

Why should people get involved with YMT?

Because it’s enormous fun! Plus you end up learning so much about yourself and your craft at the same time. If it wasn’t for YMT, I wouldn’t have applied for musical theatre colleges, I wouldn’t have seen the things I’ve seen and I wouldn’t be living in working in Germany now. It really opened my eyes to this industry as a career choice. Just go for it. If you hold back that’s what you’re going to regret.

What would your dream role be?

I’d love to be in Cats, Singing in the Rain or Mary Poppins. I absolutely love the dancing in those shows.


Favourite shows?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Legally Blonde and Sister Act - all musicals that were my favourite when I first came to London. They’ve really stuck with me. All cheesy but with a great heart.


What/who should young people research in the arts?

Matthew Bourne company. If young people haven’t heard of this company I seriously recommend it. Watching Edward Scissorhands for the first time when I was younger was such a turning point for me and let me see dance in a whole new light.

Favourite food?

Working abroad I find that I’m just crazy British comforts. Yorkshire Pudding or a simple Toad in the Hole go down a treat when you’re missing home.

Ideal holiday?

Some place new that I can explore! I’ve been lucky enough to see many places previously working as a dancer on a cruise but I still need to cross Japan and China off that list.

THE most important question: Scone (as in stone) or Scone (as in gone)?

Scone as in gone when I’m not thinking about it. If i’m doing my best Downton Abbey it would be Scone as in stone.

A huge thank you to Adam for taking the time to answer our questions - have a read of interviews from other YMT Alumni!

Sean runs the marathon Youth Music Theatre UK YMT - YMT Blog

Sean runs the Marathon... Blog 3


23 Days To Go!!!

Wow... the date is creeping closer and closer and I'm starting to feel a little bit nervous. I got my information pack through the post and I've got to go and register to collect my sticker and goody bag (oooooooo). The weather's starting to look up (apart from Storm Katie last weekend, which wasn't great fun...) so hopefully the drizzle will stay away. As someone who has never run before - I'm more of a binge-watch-Netflix kinda guy - training so far has been a pretty tough challenge and muscles are aching in places I never knew existed! I've got an 18 mile run tomorrow, which will be my farthest distance to date - so fingers crossed!

We've also just reached the £500 mark with donations so thank you so much to everyone who has donated and also thank you for your kind words! Any amount you can donate is really amazing and goes to YMT's Bursary Scheme, allowing us to provide opportunities for young people regardless of their background. DONATE HERE.

(What I think I look like...)


Also, if you're around on the day (Sunday 24 April), then you should definitely wear your YMT t-shirt (or make a sign!) and we'll all try and meet up somewhere! 

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who's donated so far - keep 'em coming! DONATE HERE.


Joshua Tonks - YMT Alumni - Youth Music Theatre UK

An interview with Joshua Tonks


We chat to actor and writer Joshua Tonks about his YMT experience and his favourite shows!

Josh graduated from Arts Ed and has starred as Rolf in The Sound of Music at the Open Air Theatre Regent's Park and in The Dreaming at the Union Theatre, as well as in the Alumni Choir at the YMTO Concert last year!

I only did YMT once, but it was a pretty magical experience. I was part of a devised piece called Rare Dreams (2007) directed by Kath Burlinson with original songs by Sonum Batra. The whole experience felt like I was in my own "coming-of-age" film; freeing and fulfilling and great fun!

Do you still keep in contact with any YMTers?

I keep in touch with a handful of YMTers but unfortunately it's rare that we actually meet because everyone is so busy!

Sunny Moodie, Joshua Tonks, Jaygann Ayeh, Gabriel Mokake, YMT Alumni, Youth Music Theatre UK Rare Dreams

(L-R) Sunny Moodie, Joshua Tonks, Jaygann Ayeh and Gabriel Mokake - Rare Dreams, 2007

Why should people get involved with YMT?

YMT can be the perfect opportunity to find your "people". It can be difficult to fit in at school when you like theatre and musicals, but with YMT you are surrounded by people with exactly the same interests as you.

What would your dream role be?

My dream role hasn't been written yet. I'd like to create a role in an original production.

Favourite Shows?

Spring Awakening and Into The Woods are two of my favourites. They are both immensely satisfying to sing and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.


What/who should young people research in the arts?

You should research everything that is to do with your art. Become a font of knowledge; it'll give you a good well of information to draw from.

Favourite food?

Cheese. Any type of cheese.


Ideal holiday?

Skiing in California, or Christmas in New York.

THE most important question: Scone (as in stone) or Scone (as in gone)?

Scone (as in gone)!

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Lewis Clarke - YMT Alumni - YMT Blog - Youth Music Theatre UK

An interview with Lewis Clarke


We chat to Guilford School of Acting graduate and YMT Alumni Lewis Clarke about his time with us.

All three of my YMT experiences were life changing - I did Ghosts of the Past (2010), The Dummy Tree (2010) and Korczak (2011). They turned me from a young amateur performer, into a strong, well-rounded professional and I maintain that the discipline I display in a rehearsal room today stemmed from YMT.

Lewis Clarke - Youth Music Theatre UK - Korczak - YMT Alumni

Lewis Clarke in Ghosts of the Past (2010).

Do you still keep in contact with any YMTers?

I do still keep in contact with people I met at YMT. I was lucky enough go to drama school with one of them, so we spent three years training together. It's difficult to keep up with everyone that I met because I made so many friends, however, when I randomly bump into them in London or Edinburgh we always have a catch up.

Why should people get involved with YMT?

People should get involved with YMT because it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, work with many fantastic industry professionals and understand a bit more about the workings of a real rehearsal process. The intensive rehearsals were a real eye opener for me and spurred me on to make myself even stronger performer. My tip for anyone looking to get involved would be to throw yourself into it. Show that you are prepared to try anything. Especially if it is something that makes you nervous; if you can be confident doing that everything else will seem easy.

What would your dream role be?

My dream role would be Javert in Les Mis. A slightly dull choice I admit, but getting to sing 'Stars' eight times a week would be a real privilege. Also I the YMT a production Ghosts of the Past ever revived, I would love to play Gabriel once again.


Favourite Shows?

I have so many favourite shows. All the classics like Les Mis, Legally Blonde, Jersey Boys and The Book of Mormon. A slightly obscure show and one that I believe more people should know about is Bat Boy. I think that the music is fantastic and the show itself, very funny.

What/who should young people research in the arts?

I think that it is important to the individual. You have to find out the sort of company and sort of performer that you like. For instance, if you find a particular song that you like, find out who wrote it and look up some more if there stuff, you may come across something you wouldn't have before.

Lewis Clarke in Korczak (2011).

Favourite food?

I love so many different kinds of food. I think you can't beat a classic spag bol, but if I'm out for a meal, more often than not, I will get a nice rare steak!

Ideal holiday?

My ideal holiday is Dalyan, Turkey. I love the heat, the nightlife, the culture and most importantly the exchange rate is fantastic at the moment.

THE most important question: Scone (as in stone) or Scone (as in gone)?

Scone as in gone. That way it sets up my favourite joke. What's the fastest cake in the world? Scone!