YMT Hoodies

YMT Hoodies

SPOTTED: Celebs 'wearing' YMT Hoodies!


Who are you wearing? YMT, obviously!

Here at YMT, we know we're undoubtedly the most stylish theatre company, like, ever. Celebrities all over the world are desperate to get their hands on a YMT Hoodie and why wouldn't they? They're ridiculously comfortable. 

Check out who's been spotted wearing this year's must-have garment (no copyright intended).

Finally, Miley's decided to cover up a bit...  

Miley Cyris Hoodie

Harry Styles proves that to look exceptionally stylish all you need is a YMT Hoodie and a headband. (Liam, Zayn, and the other two are blatantly jealous).
One Direction Hoodie

Even the Queen herself can't get enough! (Bow down to Queen Bey).

Not to mention Pink and Captain Jack getting in on the action...

YMT Hoodie

The wizarding world has just got more awesome (if that's possible). Elphie now looks fabulous defying gravity - grey is this year's pink - whilst Harry battles Voldemort safe in the knowledge that his YMT Hoodie has special healing powers.*

YMT Hoodie

Look how warm and cosy Fantine looks... Oscar for best costume?

Les Mis Hoodie

*YMT Hoodies do not actually have healing powers.

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