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Just One Month Until YMT's 'Help! Get Me Out of This Musical' Hits the Stage!


‘Help! Get Me Out Of This Musical is a bonkers and funny love song to musical theatre’ says writer, John Nicholson

What is 'Help!' all about?

Playing at the South Hill Park Arts Centre, 10 – 12 August, the show’s electric music is loaded with the sounds and energy of any West End and Broadway classic, whilst bringing its own unique pizzazz!

Teenage life is full of its ups and downs, and hell-raiser Callum certainly makes sure of that. But one morning the ultimate school bully, wakes to find, to his growing horror, his entire world has been turned into a musical! Trapped, with no escape, in a world where people break into a song and dance routine at the slightest provocation, where no-one ever looks him in the eye because they're too busy turning out front!

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We caught up with the creatives ahead of the show...

‘The show is about a bully who finds himself in a world that has turned into a musical – it’s his worst nightmare. Everywhere around him people are singing in his face, dancing in his face – it’s like Stepford Wives meets La La Land, meets High School Musical’ – Musical Director, Adam Gerber.

“Working for YMT is a real treat for me. It’s an opportunity to work alongside some of the most ingenious and talented creatives in the business and with a supremely talented collection of young performers. And YMT shows never pull their punches!” –Writer, John Nicholson

“I’m thrilled to be joining YMT for the first time this summer. We have a fantastic cast and creative team and I can’t wait to get started!” –Choreographer, Julia Cave

Casting for Help!…

Casting week is when all of the cast and creatives get together to learn a bit of the music, movement and script and gives everyone a feel for the show!  While the young people are training hard, the creatives work to match up the actors with their roles.

Photos from the casting of 'Help! Get Me Out of This Musical'

At the casting for Help,we created a trailer all about the show complete with quotes from cast, creatives and shots of rehearsal. Check it out HERE!

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