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YMT Musician, Company 2016, Molly Clark

I chose to do YMT purely for enjoyment as I love playing in pit bands and it seemed like a great experience


Thank you to Molly for sharing this really inspiring story with us, and best of luck at Uni!

I wanted to share something about my experience with YMT that has been super important and great for my life!

I was part of the production of The Legend of White Bear Lake in August last year (before starting my final year of A Levels), I played clarinet and bass clarinet in the band. The show was incredible, it was inspiring to be with such talented musicians and creative people – especially Caroline Wigmore (writer) and Gen Green (composer) and the whole creative team.

YMT - The Legend of White Bear Lake - Molly Clark


I chose to do YMT purely for enjoyment, as I love playing in pit bands and it seemed like a great experience. I had no idea until two months later, when I received a certificate through the post, that we would receive Grade 8 Musical Theatre in Production for being part of the show!

Prior to that, I had been really struggling with what to do at university – I loved music but since I hadn’t done the A Level it wasn’t really an option for me. There was nothing else that really appealed, so I was going to leave applying to university until next year – until I got that certificate in the post. This made me realise that Music at university was an option as I now had a grade 8 qualification! This made me so happy, and I started researching universities straight away. I am really happy to say that I now have received offers from 4 universities to study Music, and this is basically all down to YMT. Molly Clark, YMT Company of 2016

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