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Buddy The Buddy Holly Story

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story - Review by Jamie Lock


**** (4 Stars)

Grand Opera House, York - Tuesday 18 February, 2014

You can never be too far away from a great rock 'n' roll musical when The Buddy Holly Story is in town!

The musical, now in its 25th year, is based around the life of the young singer Buddy Holly, showing his successes and downfalls as he climbs the ladder of fame.

The curtain opens to reveal a simple yet effective stage layout that is used to its full potential. Swift fluid changes in scenery, enhanced by the addition of musical instruments and radio stations playing 1950s music, making transitions almost unnoticeable. With names of Radio stations such as KDAV appearing as if by magic, Matt Salisbury the director of has really developed the life of the rock 'n' roll legend into an outstanding piece of musical theatre. This will undoubtedly keep the legacy of Buddy Holly alive, bringing laughter and joy to all those who come to watch.

Roger Rowley playing Buddy brings to life the great vocals of the singer and believability in his performance. The whole cast’s American accents are strong and remain this way throughout. Impressive lighting transforms the Opera House into a realistic 1950s rock 'n' roll concert and for a few well-known songs such as "Peggy Sue" and "Every Day" the audience did not hesitate to join in.

Overall The Buddy Holly Story is an enjoyable production to watch and take part in, I would greatly recommend it to people of all ages. Buddy Holly will remain in our hearts for making rock 'n' roll music what it is today.

Buddy is currently on tour. For more information and to book tickets: http://www.buddythemusical.com/