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YMT National Auditions 2017

Audition tips from the pros! We've been talking to the experts and getting their take on it all


The process of putting together a new musical is a fantastic experience, and YMT works with an amazing group of top professionals each year to do this. Throughout the entire process of auditions, rehearsals and productions the YMT young company will be with the very best directors, musical directors and choreographers in the industry. We achieve the highest standards of quality in our projects and give the young company a truly professional experience.

As we move ever closer to the 2017 National Audition Tour, we've been talking to the experts, and getting their take on it all. Actor, Dancer, Movement Director, Choreographer and Teacher Vincent Manna, has a huge wealth knowledge and experience - and he's on the panel at this year's Auditions - take a look below and get some pointers!

Vincent Manna trained at LAMDA and Rambert Dance School and has worked internationally as an actor, dancer, movement director, choreographer and teacher. Prior to his acting training, Vincent studied Ballet and Contemporary dance and subsequently toured internationally with Mathew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

When not performing he is based mainly at LAMDA where he enjoys working with final year students on their public shows as a movement director and choreographer, and teaching those earlier in their training. He also devises movement theatre pieces at LAMDA and has created over 35 productions at the school. Vincent also sits on the audition panel every year.  He teaches on the BA in Acting, MA in Classical Theatre, Foundation Degree, and on the Foundation Diploma

Audition Tips:

1. Arrive early and bring plenty of water. A three hour session is a long time to keep physically active and mentally focused, so rehydrating is very important. 

2. Throw yourself into the stuff where you feel you are out of your comfort zone. We are interested in building a committed ensemble who will say yes to whatever task is thrown at them! So jump right in, even if you feel uncertain. 

3. Don't be afraid to ask a question or get a practitioner to repeat something if it isn’t clear. It’s easier to commit in the right if you understand fully what is being asked of you. 

4. Treat it as a workshop rather than an audition. Have fun. Be open to working with others and don’t worry about making mistakes - it's much much better to really throw yourself in and not get it quite right, than it is to sit on the fence and not commit.

Step forward onto the stage and kick-start your career in performing arts with YMT. Auditions are booking now, from Sat 21 Jan - Sun 19 Feb 2017, touring 24 cities from Inverness to Plymouth and London to Dublin and Belfast, and everywhere in-between. Take a look at the full list of dates and times here.