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Attending a YMT Summer Camp 'was the best decision I made!'


Having been unsuccessful at auditioning the first time for one of our summer shows a couple of years ago, Lottie decided to attend one of YMT’s Musical Theatre Summer Camps instead. Since attending the camp, she has worked with YMT again after successfully auditioning for one of our shows last year. We caught up with Lottie to hear about her experience with YMT and the Summer Camps.

“My first experience with YMT was in 2015 when I auditioned for their summer season. It was quite daunting and my first time doing group auditions like that - I didn’t get in but decided to do one of their Summer Camp Courses instead. This was the best decision I made!

It was my first ever residential theatre course and it was absolutely amazing! 

I met some amazing people and had a brilliant week, I learnt so much and feel that it led to a real ‘step change’ for me.

I didn’t audition again for YMT until 2017 but then I got into Jabberwocky and that was even more amazing! 

Each time I’ve been involved with YMT it’s got bigger and better and I think that’s partly because I learn so much each time and get new opportunities!

I’d recommend YMT to anyone who loves theatre and performing or putting a show together, to anyone who has a desire to work in the industry in the future, who wants to have a great time with like-minded people during the Summer holidays, to everyone who loves musical theatre (and is the right age!)”

Follow in the footsteps of Lottie and many other talented young people and book on to a Summer Camp today. Open to ANYONE aged 11-17, participants take part in an intense, fun, creative training course in the performing arts by putting on a brand new musical show within a week! This year, YMT’s Musical Theatre Summer Camps are coming to Hertfordshire, Leeds, Wiltshire, Edinburgh, Surrey and London. BOOK NOW WHILE SPACES LAST!