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“It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities” – Annabel, 12, talks about attending YMT’s Musical Theatre Summer Camp Last Year!


With the summer fast-approaching, it isn’t long until YMT’s Musical Theatre Summer Camps return for another fantastic season! For anyone who isn’t aware, participants of our Musical Theatre Summer Camps create a brand new show on a fun-filled 6 day residential project – providing intense, creative training in the performing arts for ANYONE aged 11-17. This is led by a team of top theatre professionals who have a wealth of experience in West End, Fringe and touring theatre.

In anticipation for this, we thought we would catch up with Annabel, 12, who attended our Surrey Summer Camp in 2017.

“To be able to put your own piece of theatre together in just one week is amazing”

Annabel was extremely keen to give other potential participants of the course an insight into just how much she enjoyed it, and how much she learned from it.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending this to everyone who has an interest in performing or who would like to understand more about how a piece of theatre is put together. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities. Everyone was so supportive and professional”

Since taking part in one of our Summer Camps, Annabel says it “gave me the confidence to apply for a 13+ drama scholarship, which I did achieve, and YMT certainly played a big role in this”

Annabel now has an agent and is pursuing a career in performance, but also believes the summer camp provided her with everyday life skills, such as “being confident, learning how to mix with new people, people of different ages, and those from people from different backgrounds”

Talking more about the variety of other young, like-minded people she met at the camp, Annabel told us  “What first struck me was that there not only kids from the UK but some had travelled from Egypt, Malta, France and Belgium to attend the course - that's dedication for you and also shows how valued the course is too”

Since leaving the camp, Annabel is “still in touch with many of the kids that attended the course and we still all support one another through the ups and downs of a performer’s life”

She says “YMT is like one big family and it’s great to be part of that family”


This year, YMT’s Musical Theatre Summer Camps are coming to Hertfordshire, Leeds, Wiltshire, Edinburgh, Surrey and London. BOOK NOW WHILE SPACES LAST! Don’t miss out on this fun, intensive, creative training course for building your confidence and providing you with essential performing arts skills.